Let the leading edge iLasik technology at Kresloff & Young provide you the best in laser vision correction.

LASIK TechnologyMany patients are able to see 20/20 after receiving the iLasik procedure. iLASIK not only provides a better quality of vision compared to traditional LASIK, but also delivers enhanced safety for our patients. The newer technology of iLASIK is a great option for those individuals who are apprehensive about traditional LASIK.

A critical part of the LASIK procedure is the creation of the flap of corneal tissue. This can be done with a surgical blade called a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser. The femtosecond laser creates a more predictable, precise flap, improving safety and quality of vision.

What is iLASIK?

iLasik is a newer, more technologically advanced, blade free procedure that utilizes the computer-guided Intralase Femtosecond laser. Most individuals report that their eyes feel and see normally by the first day after surgery. Over 90% of individuals are capable of returning to work the day after iLASIK.

What is LASIK

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